About Us

is a voluntary community program in the Stonnington area and surrounds that promotes ‘neighbourliness’ and caring for the people around us. We also have a digital program helping people connect more effectively with family and friends. JoCare was established through collaboration between St Joseph’s Parish in Malvern and Cabrini Outreach as a community outreach project.

JoCare is also an auspice of the Federal Government’s Community Visitors Scheme.

JoCare is a free service, it is non-denominational and reaches out to all in the Stonnington area and surrounds regardless of race or creed.

JoCare in conjunction with Arcare produces a fortnightly bulletin. The bulletin began during the COVID-19 pandemic so volunteers who could no longer visit in aged care facility, could still reach out to those in facilities.

The bulletin has taken on a life of its own since the pandemic, and is now produced to provide light entertainment to residents of aged care facilities. Lifestyle co-ordinators use the material in the bulletin for their activities. For a copy of the bulletin please click here.

By you providing an hour or so of your time, we are able to provide continue to provide this service.

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