Volunteering opportunities with JoCare

  1. Volunteer Visitor – JoCare/Arcare face to face opportunity, at least one hour a fortnightly, preferably weekly
  2. Digital Program Volunteer – face to face opportunity at least one hour a session, on either a Tuesday or Wednesday at the Parish

Volunteer Visitor

Residents in the Stonnington area and surrounds are welcome to become a JoCare volunteer visitor. Through befriending an older person, who has become disconnected and lacking companionship, volunteers will make a positive difference in someone’s day as well as their own day. Volunteers help to recreate the neighbourliness of the past.

We engage with socially isolated individuals either living independently or in residential aged care facilities. Older people seeking companionship come from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds as do our volunteers.

A volunteer visitor has the opportunity to connect with others assisting in building a better community. Any time you are unable to visit, we revert to letter writing, emails, phone calls and video calls.

As JoCare is an auspice of the Federal Government’s Community Visitors Scheme we uphold the standards and expectations of this program.

Digital Volunteer Program

Volunteers are required to assist with our Tuesday Drop in sessions, Wednesday Tablet program and various class sessions.

A solid knowledge of basic uses of Smart Phones, Tablets, iPhones and iPads is required.

A great fun way to connect with the older people of your community. Very satisfying knowing you’ve helped them say in touch with their family.

You need to be available either Tuesday or Wednesday mornings as frequently or infrequently as it suits you.

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